how is your sky ? is a website designed by Zeste Le Reste. You can send drawings from your childhood via an email address.

This is a collection of sky details taken from the drawings sent. It uses the different sky representation elements to allow users to create their own sky from elements from this collection.

When we are children we draw what surrounds us. The sky is often depicted to symbolize a time of day, to express emotions, or simply to remember a specific moment. Elements such as sun, moon, stars, clouds, rain, lightning take space on the page. These are common elements that allow a certain contextualization. This whole processus of appropriation of the sky elements (by the child representing, the collection and the user composition) allows a new distance and an update of the gaze but also to bring together common sensibilities by the anonymous mixture of all these fragments of the sky.

Collecting means bringing together elements that have one thing in common from different contexts. With these pieces of different skies, the user creates an individual representation by means of collective elements.

Special thanks to Alice, Alice, Annaelle, Annie, Bertrand, Dorian, Farah, Hervé, Johanne, Juliette, Lucille, Sébastien, Simon...